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Contribution and Moderation Process Overview

ASDSO's Dam Safety Toolbox is written and maintained by a community of volunteers through open collaboration and a wiki-based editing system. Contributors are encouraged to continually expand and improve the content and resources available on the site. Suggested edits will not be viewable by other users until they have been reviewed and approved by moderators. Only ASDSO publications or non-copyrighted information (including images) should be uploaded to the website.

Moderators from ASDSO's Dam Design and Construction Committee moderate and maintain the website. Subject Matter Experts are responsible for reviewing all technical content prior to publication. Once technical content has been reviewed and approved for publication, Moderators are responsible for moderating edits within the MediaWiki environment in accordance with the Dam Safety Toolbox Formatting/Style Guide and the Dam Safety Toolbox Policies and Procedures Guide.

Getting Started as a Contributor

In order to contribute, users must register for an account and be logged in. Contributors can add content either by editing existing pages (click the Edit icon on any topic page) or creating new pages. Contributions are made using the markup language called "wikitext" which consists of the syntax and keywords used by the MediaWiki software to format a page. To facilitate the review process, contributors are encouraged to review and follow these guidance documents to the extent possible:

In adding quotations, images, or documents to the website, it is imperative that contributors comply with copyright laws in accordance with ASDSO's Copyright Guidelines. The Formatting/Style Guide also includes helpful wikitext templates for common page types including Topic Pages, Resource Pages, Training Pages and Example Pages. Contributors can also consult the MediaWiki User's Guide for more information on using the software.

Alternatively, contributors can submit edits or suggestions for improvement to the Dam Safety Toolbox Editor using this fillable PDF contribution form.

Volunteer as a Subject Matter Expert or Moderator

Subject matter experts for individual topics as well as moderators are needed to expand and maintain this important resource! If you are interested in helping improve the Dam Safety Toolbox, please contact the Dam Safety Toolbox Editor at [email protected]. Please provide your name, affiliation, contact information, and a summary of your background and interests pertaining to the Dam Safety Toolbox. Volunteers are required to sign this File:Dam Safety Toolbox Volunteer Agreement.pdf to ensure that content published on the site meets the required high standard of quality/relevance, and no improper materials are allowed.

Jeremy Franz, P.E. with the State of Colorado Division of Water Resources Dam Safety Program currently serves as Chair of the ASDSO Dam Safety Toolbox Subcommittee and Editor-in-Chief of the website. He is supported in updating and maintaining the site by the following ASDSO volunteers:

Topic Subject Matter Expert Moderator
Anatomy of Dams Vacant Robert Chan (Indiana DNR)
Construction Terry Arnold (AECOM) Jeremy Franz (Colorado DWR)
Dam Decommissioning Melinda Luna (TRC) Vacant
Emergency Management Nekane Hollister (CA DSOD) Vacant
Engineering Vacant Danielle Drake (Irvine Ranch Water Dist)
Environmental Kate Sharpe (Gannett Fleming) Vacant
Geotechnical & Geology Hal Van Aller (Retired) Bulent Hatipoglu (CDM Smith)
Hydraulics Greg Richards (Gannett Fleming) Greg Richards (Gannett Fleming)
Hydrology Andy Lynch (Gannett Fleming) Vacant
Operation & Maintenance Vacant Danielle Drake (Irvine Ranch Water Dist)
Public Safety Paul Schweiger (Gannett Fleming) Vacant
Purposes of Dams Joe Kula (Geosyntec) Vacant
Risk Management Keil Neff (USACE) Jordyn Marshall (Stantec)
Seismic Bulent Hatipoglu (CDM Smith) Ian Maki (CA DSOD)
Site Security Jon Garton (Iowa DNR) Jon Garton (Iowa DNR)
State & Federal Agencies Mark Baker (DamCrest) Riley Manwaring (Gannett Fleming)
Structural Rhonda Young (NM OSE) Riley Manwaring (Gannett Fleming)
Surveillance & Monitoring Phat Phung (Aquarion Water) Danielle Drake (Irvine Ranch Water Dist)
Types of Dams Alon Dominitz (NY) Melinda Luna (TRC)

Moderator Pool

Our Moderator Pool consists of volunteers capable of helping to edit the code of the site. Special thanks to the individuals listed below who help us maintain the high quality appearance and consistency of the site!

Name Organization
John Beitel Ohio DNR
Danielle Drake Irvine Ranch Water District
Aiden Ganapathy CA DSOD
Melinda Luna TRC
Riley Manwaring Gannett Fleming
Matt Marquis Ohio DNR
Erdem Oner Tastan Geosyntec Consultants
Megan Sabin S Carolina DHEC
Satish K Mantha GEI Consultants