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In order to contribute, users must register for an account and be logged in. These users, called contributors, can add content either by editing existing pages (click the Edit icon on any topic page) or creating new pages. Contributions are made using the markup language called "wikitext" which consists of the syntax and keywords used by the MediaWiki software to format a page. The following guidelines and templates are provided to facilitate consistency and ease-of-use. Alternatively, contributors can submit edits or suggestions for improvement to the Dam Safety Toolbox Editor using this fillable PDF contribution form.

Guidelines and Templates for Common Editing Tasks

Links to Helpful MediaWiki Resources

Main Help Page

Templates Help Page

Formatting Help Page

Links Help Page

Tables Help Page

Images Help Page

Deletion and Undeletion of Pages Help Page

Moving a Page Help Page

MediaWiki Help Contents Page

MediaWiki "Cheat Sheet"

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