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Policies for the Dam Safety Toolbox are set by ASDSO to guide the development of a living resource to promote dam safety. The Dam Safety Toolbox policies are fundamental principals applied by contributors and moderators associated with creating, editing, and moderating content to ensure the highest level of content quality possible. In adding quotations, images, or documents to the website, it is imperative that copyright laws be followed in accordance with ASDSO's Copyright Guidelines. Policies for the Dam Safety Toolbox are subject to revision by ASDSO.

Guidelines for the Dam Safety Toolbox are generally-accepted practices for the creation of website content which also adhere to any applicable policies. Guidelines help contributors creating new content to maintain a uniform style and feel to the website from page to page. Ultimately, guidelines for the Dam Safety Toolbox are to be implemented into website content using reason and common sense; being applied whenever reasonably possible, but also allowing for modifications when deemed necessary. Ultimately, the moderation process will determine whether or not any deviation from a guideline is warranted, or whether an update to the guideline in question is required. As with policies, guidelines for the Dam Safety Toolbox are also subject to revision by ASDSO.

In short, policies express the fundamental principles of ASDSO's Dam Safety Toolbox, while guidelines advise how to apply policies and how to provide general consistency across website content. There can be no deviations from policies, but minor deviations from guidelines can be allowed based on individual circumstances.

Any proposals for adding to or editing these Policies and Guidelines should be submitted to the ASDSO Dam Safety Toolbox Editor at [email protected].

ASDSO Dam Safety Toolbox Policies and Guidelines

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