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Technical Seminar: HEC-HMS with Application to Dam Safety

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Association of State Dam Safety Officials, Recurring

Participants will gain a practical knowledge of methods for simulation of runoff from storm rainfall. The methods covered relate to the processing of historical and hypothetical (design-storm) rainfall data; estimation of losses (infiltration); transformation of rainfall excess to direct runoff with unit hydrographs; routing of flood waves; calibration of model parameters; and modeling of runoff from watersheds. Experience will be gained in applying the methods with the program Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS). Where possible, applications will emphasize hydrologic computations for dam safety. For those with no background in hydrology, it is highly recommended that you review the ASDSO Hydrology 101 for Dam Safety webinar. This webinar offers fundamentals of hydrology and is an introduction to the hydrologic processes. This is not required but should offer a good basis for the topic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Methods to simulate runoff from storm rainfall.
  • Estimating hydrologic abstractions and transforming excess rainfall using unit hydrograph theory.
  • Evaluating dam and reservoir performance during flood events.
  • Running the HMS model on several real-world problems.
  • Estimating uncertainty in modeling runoff.

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