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Technical Release 210-60: Earth Dams and Reservoirs

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Natural Resources Conservation Service, 2019

This technical release (TR) describes design procedures and provides minimum requirements for planning and designing earth dams and associated spillways. It provides uniform criteria for earth dams and reservoirs. NRCS plans, designs, and constructs complex dams under widely varying conditions and i t is essential to construct these dams with uniform criteria to ensure consistent performance. NRCS periodically revises this document to incorporate new experience, materials, and knowledge.

This TR applies to:

  • All low hazard potential dams with a product of effective storage times the effective height of the dam of 3,000-acre-feet2 or more.
  • Dams more than 35 feet in effective height.
  • All significant and high hazard-class dams.

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2019 (current)

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Revision ID: 6467
Revision Date: 01/26/2023

File:Earth Dams and Reservoirs 2005 Document.pdf