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International Council on Mining and Metals, 2021

Tailings dams are complex systems that have evolved over the years. They are also unforgiving systems, in terms of the number of things that have to go right. Their reliability is contingent on consistently flawless execution in planning, in subsurface investigation, in analysis, in construction quality in operational diligence, in monitoring, in regulatory action, and in risk management at every level. All of these activities are subject to human error.

ICMM is committed to leading the mining industry in the safe and responsible design, construction, operation and closure of tailings facilities. This is a critical issue at every mine, which must be viewed as such by every mine operator.

In the Good Practice Guide, ICMM member company experts build on the Standard promulgated by the multi-stakeholder initiative. The Good Practice Guide supports the requirements of the Standard and provides guidance on good governance and engineering practices.

The Good Practice Guide is important in achieving the aspirational goal of eliminating fatalities and catastrophic failures at tailings facilities. We strongly encourage all mining companies worldwide, whether or not they are ICMM members, to incorporate the Standard and Good Practice Guide into their practices to improve mine tailings facility performance and to achieve these safety goals.

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