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The Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area is a park located inside the reservoir of Santa Fe Dam, a flood control dam in Irwindale, California

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Dams provide prime recreational facilities throughout the United States. Lakes and rivers associated with dams provide outdoor recreation spaces for hiking, fishing, swimming, boating and a host of other activities. Reservoir operations focus on the safety of the structures and the residents of the watershed, but other factors play an important role, too. The needs of reservoir users and of the watercourse downstream play an important role in determining reservoir releases. Similarly, environmental concerns related to water quality as well as the health and migration of aquatic life add more and more complexity to the operational decisions. Assistance from Governmental outdoor recreation agencies. To estimate total use and determine how the use will be distributed between day use and overnight or long-term activities. The location of the dam to population centers, unique qualities for the area, and type of use should be considered. Where reservoir operations result in large flow fluctuations, rapid elevation changes safety features should be included. The safety features can include fencing of areas of high risk, and sound alarms to warn of changing conditions. Several state and regional agencies have guidance.

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