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Before embarking on an outlet works rehabilitation, it is important to assess the condition of your gates and other controls used to make releases. Questions to ask include:

Access: Is the gate easy to access in all conditions? If not, consider a new configuration with ready access.
Operation: Does the gate operate smoothly or bind? If it binds, careful examination of the entire system is in order.
Debris: Does the dam have a history of debris getting stuck in the gate or intake structure? If so, attention to the trash rack is needed, or possibly a new configuration less susceptible to clogging.
Venting: Is the conduit pitting and deteriorating downstream of the gate? Additional airflow may be needed.
Configuration: Is having to drain the reservoir to work on the gate completely unacceptable? If so, having a dual gate system may be in order.

Note: The content on this page was originally created as part of (DOWL, 2018). It has subsequently been updated and reformatted as part of the Dam Safety Toolbox.
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