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On-Demand Webinar: What Can I Really Expect to Get Out of a Semi-Quantitative Risk Analyses (SQRA)?

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Association of State Dam Safety Officials, 2021

This webinar will provide owners, consultants, and regulators an understanding of the benefits and limitations of an SQRA, what the results mean, and how the results can be used to prioritize actions in your dam or levee safety program. Dam and levee safety risk analyses have been gaining more and more attention over the last few years. Risk analysis training, in general, and SQRA training, in particular, is becoming more available. Recently FERC published draft SQRA guidelines for public comment indicating a proposed expansion by that agency into using risk tools. Other federal agencies with dam and levee safety programs are also expanding the use of SQRAs in their programs as are a handful of state dam safety agencies. The growth of the use of SQRAs as a dam and levee safety tool is expected to continue to increase in the coming years.

Key Take-aways:

  • How can I scale and scope an SQRA to fit my needs?
  • How can simplified risk tools help me identify and prioritize my dam safety activities and actions?
  • Cost vs. benefit, is an SQRA worth it?
  • What information do I really get out of an SQRA that I don’t already have?
  • How can the process of conducting an SQRA and the results be useful to a regulator?

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Speaker(s): Doug Boyer

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