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On-Demand Webinar: Introduction to Public Safety Risk Evaluation and Treatment for Dams and Levees

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Association of State Dam Safety Officials, 2015

This webinar is designed to provide dam and levee owners, and their specialist consultants, an introduction to a comprehensive program to assess and reduce public safety risk around dams, levees, and powerhouses.

In 2011 the Canadian Dam Association, an association similar in nature to the ASDSO, published Guidelines for Public Safety Around Dams. Dam owners across Canada are embracing these guidelines and are assessing and reducing public safety risk in a comprehensive and consistent manner. More people die in accidents around dam sites than from structural failures of these dams.

In this webinar the participants will be shown examples of the hazards posed to the public by the presence and operations of dams and levees and will be reminded of the owner’s responsibility for managing these public safety risks. The participants will be made aware of a comprehensive methodology to identify and classify these risks, including the steps necessary to reduce them. Examples will be provided of where public safety (and security) risks can be reduced to acceptable levels through a series of control measures.

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Speaker(s): John D. Cattanach

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