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On-Demand Webinar: Evaluation of Seepage Related Potential Failure Modes (PFM's) in Embankments with Emphasis on Outlet Penetrations

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Association of State Dam Safety Officials, 2013

Evaluation of potential seepage failure modes in embankment dams and in particular around outlet works penetrations is a very important aspect of dam safety evaluations. Assessing potential seepage failure modes typically requires designing and evaluating investigation and instrumentation programs, and a variety of engineering analyses. Experience has shown that adverse seepage and piping conditions can develop and remain difficult to detect until the potential failure mode is in an advanced stage of the continuation phase of the development process. In this webinar, a framework will be presented for identifying, investigating, analyzing, and evaluating potential failure modes around outlet penetrations. Case histories will be used to illustrate the challenges associated with these assessments. Results of engineering seepage and stress analyses will be presented to better understand potential failure mode development mechanisms including the potential for cracking and hydraulic fracturing.

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Speaker(s): Keith A. Ferguson

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