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On-Demand Webinar: Earthquake Hazards, Ground Motions and Dynamic Response

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Association of State Dam Safety Officials, 2014

Earthquakes represent a hazard to dams in many parts of the United States and therefore are of interest to design engineers and dam safety officials. The hazard from earthquakes includes strong shaking, fault rupture displacements, reservoir seiche and earthquake-induced landslides, all potentially damaging to dams and reservoirs. This webinar will discuss the physics and geology of the earthquake process and the methods used to identify seismic hazards in the field such as identifying geologic indicators of past earthquakes. The factors that control the earthquake ground motion at a site and the approaches used to predict ground motions for engineering analysis will be discussed. The intensity measures most commonly used to describe ground motions will be discussed along with the use and modification of motions for engineering analyses of dams. Finally, methods used to predict the dynamic response of embankment dams and their soil foundations to earthquake motions will be presented.

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Speaker(s): Lelio H. Mejia

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