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Model State Dam Safety Program (FEMA P-316)

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Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2022

The Association of State Dam Safety Official’s mission is to advance and improve the safety of dams by supporting the dam safety community and state dam safety programs, raising awareness of dam safety issues, facilitating cooperation, providing a forum for the exchange of information, representing dam safety interests before governments, providing outreach programs, and creating a unified community of dam safety advocates.


  • Goal #1: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state dam safety programs.
  • Goal #2: Raise awareness of dam safety among the general public, media, state and federal governments, and other stakeholders.
  • Goal #3: Facilitate interorganizational, intergovernmental and interstate cooperation.
  • Goal #4: Provide the professional dam safety community with forums for the exchange of information
  • Goal #5: Provide representation of dam safety interests before state legislatures, Congress and executive branches,
  • Goal #6: Provide quality and effective outreach programs.
  • Goal #7: Create a unified community of dam safety advocates through membership in ASDSO.
  • Goal #8: Manage the association effectively through internal policies and procedures.

There is great variance in the effectiveness of the existing state dam safety programs. Some of this variance may be appropriate as each state must address its dam safety needs and responsibilities in its own way. Some state programs, however, are not considered to be adequate. Also many unsafe dams have been identified and the required remedial action has not been implemented.

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