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Ground Motion (Seismicity)

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“Although earthquake forces are considered in the design of structures, data obtained from instrumentation during earthquakes have indicated significantly different results when compared to those anticipated in design. Instrumentation should be installed in regions of significant seismic activity to measure ground motion, hydrodynamic water pressures, and response of concrete dams and intake towers 100 feet or more in height. Also, seismic instrumentation may be desired at other locations where the structure and seismic activity are unusual. Each project should be instrumented to suit the particular structure, geologic and seismic condition”.[1]

“Instruments used to obtain a seismic data are strong-motion accelerometers, peak recording accelerometers, hydrodynamic pressure gages, and seismoscopes”.[1]

Best Practices Resources

Instrumentation for Concrete Structures (EM 1110-2-4300) (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

USGS ShakeAlert® Earthquake Early Warning System


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