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Drilling and Invasive Activities at Dams and Levees (ER 1110-1-1807)

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United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), 2023

This regulation establishes policy and requirements and provides guidance for drilling in dam and levee earth embankments and/or their earth and rock foundations. The primary purpose of this regulation is to prevent damage to embankments and their foundations from hydraulic fracturing, erosion, filter/drain contamination, heave, or other mechanisms during drilling operations, sampling, in-situ testing, grouting, instrumentation installation, borehole completion, and borehole abandonment.

This regulation applies to all major subordinate commands (MSC), district commands, laboratories, and field operating activities having Civil Works and/or Military Program responsibilities. It applies to in-house and contracted drilling efforts for earth embankments or foundations associated with all dams and levees that have a federal interest.

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