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Deterministic Seismic Analysis

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In the deterministic approach, individual earthquake scenarios (earthquake magnitude and location) are developed for each relevant seismic source and a specified ground motion probability level is selected (typically, it is either 0 or 1 standard deviation above the median). Based on the earthquake location, the distance to the site is computed. Given the magnitude, distance, and number of standard deviations for the ground motion, the ground motion is then computed for each earthquake scenario, using a ground motion prediction equation (previously called an attenuation relation) that is based on either empirical ground motions or numerical simulations of ground motions. The largest ground motion (at a specific period) from any of the considered scenarios is used for the design ground motion. The approach is “deterministic” in that single values of the parameters (magnitude, distance, and number of standard deviations for the ground motion) are selected for each scenario.


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