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Construction of an embankment dam.

(Image Source: Wikimedia)

"The design of an earth or rock-fill dam is a process continued until construction is completed. Much additional information on the characteristics of foundations and abutments is obtained during clearing, stripping, and trenching operations, which may confirm or contradict design assumptions based on earlier geologic studies and subsurface exploration by drill holes and test pits. Operations in the borrow areas and in required excavations also provide much data pertinent to characteristics of fill material and of excavated slopes. Weather and groundwater conditions during construction may significantly alter water contents of proposed fill material, or create seepage and/or hydraulic conditions, necessitating modifications in design. Projects must be continuously evaluated and β€œre-engineered,” as required, during construction, to ensure that the final design is compatible with conditions encountered during construction. Design and design review personnel will make construction site visits to determine whether design modifications are required to meet actual field conditions (see ER 1110-2-112). Environmental considerations must (also) be given attention in construction operations. "[1]

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