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“A visual inspection is hands-on and requires careful and close examination. The inspector should look closely at the members of connections and not just view them from a distance. Inspectors should use various measuring scales, and other hand tool to identify, measure, and locate areas of concerns. Boroscopes, flashlights, and mirrors may be necessary to inspect areas of limited visibility. Weld gauges should be available to check the dimensions of weld beads. Critical areas should be cleaned prior to inspection, and additional lighting should be used when necessary”.[1]

Types of visual surveillance and monitoring include:

Best Practices Resources

Engineering Guidelines for the Evaluation of Hydropower Projects: Chapter 9- Instrumentation and Monitoring (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)


On-Demand Webinar: Use of Remote Sensing in Dam Safety-Including Drones

On-Demand Webinar: Use of Underwater Remote Systems in Dam Safety

On-Demand Webinar: Drone Technology Integrated into Dam Safety Inspections and Evaluations


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